Green Smoothie Joy

Everything you need to know about green smoothies and more…compliments all the other cookbooks by C Elias to have on your kitchen shelf!

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Fat Burning Foods

Just some of the five star reviews say:

  • “straight to the point…”
  • “convenient…” 
  • “very tasty…” 
  • “Great book for the price” 
  • “clear no-nonsense”

This book is a fast explanation about which foods can help you lose weight, why, and also their benefits to your health.
“…clear no – nonsense…”

You will discover the best fat burning foods – over 80 foods that can burn fat will help you lose weight naturally.

This is by far the most comprehensive list you will find anywhere – and it is in a handy book size in alphabetical order.

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Snacks for kids and healthy snacks for all

Ok so you are between meals….what on earth can you eat without putting on more weight, keeping it healthy and light?   This book below recommends various recipes including smoothies…some of the recipes call for bread or pasta but if you stick to gluten-free bread and pasta such as brown rice pasta, rice and millet bread or something similar – you will be doing your body a huge favor.

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